Gregory Wendt: Photo-Video Artist/Producer/Performer/Educator... hard to describe oneself these days

Below you will find a developing sample of my work and play in MEDIA ARTS. Most of what I do begins with some type of CAMERA and progresses from there. Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, GarageBand, After Effects and Dreamweaver are some of my current tools. I can be reached at

R. Michael Fisher: The Aesthetic Fusion of Color and Light

This video demonstrates a wonderful and easy way of drawing/coloring suitable for people of almost any age. R. Michael Fisher not only explains the process he developed, but talks of its meditative qualities and more. I made the video after experiencing the joy and freedom of the process he showed me.

Dream Scroll Journey: Releasing the Dreams

In collaboration with artist, Barbara Bickel, this video is a creative documentation of a culminating event in the releasing of a "dream scroll" which is part of a larger project. This video, in addition to standing on its own, has appeared as part of a video installation framed by a flowing canvas with stiched on images from the video. In addition to performing the primary cinematography and editing of this video, I composed and performed the music as well.


Siona Benjamin's paintings come to life as they are lifted from their canvasses, set in motion and animated, in synchronization with music by Master percussionist, Glen Velez and Rhythm Voice Master, Lori Cotler.

Original Artwork by Siona Benjamin
Music Composed and Performed by Glen Velez and Lori Cotler (Framedrum Music, BMI)

Image preparation and Animation by Gregory Wendt


SIU Composer in Residence, Frank Stemper, was commissioned to compose this piece of music for presentation to Northeast Normal University in China. I created the video. This was my first multi-camera DSLR production. I used two cameras to record the performance 4 times, resulting in 8 camera angles. Only two of these angles would be in perfect synchronization with the music recording. However, we were able to weave in parts of each angle throughout the piece so as to properly express the feeling of the music. SIU Chancellor, Rita Cheng, presented the resulting DVD to a large audience at Northeast Normal University as tribute to the 30-year relationship between the universities.

Gun Control

Written by Gregory Wendt. Produced in an SIUC TV production course in may 2016 taught by Jan Thompson. Starring Phil Anton and Gregory Wendt. Live recording directed by David Hrunek; Post production editing by Gregory Wendt, mixing clips from two takes and adding additional sound effects. Usually, I'm behind the camera, but I've been encouraged to perform....

3 Minutes of Power

My first HDV project. Summer 2007. All images recorded from single vantage point behind Southern Illinois University Art School gallery. This was one of several pieces created in a single weekend as part of a course in which all students spent 40 consecutive hours at the studio. "At the Studio" included a small entrance outside, my vantage point for what I considered a fascinating look at some of the power structures, wires and grid outside. The music was composed and performed by Rama Malebranche that same weekend in the gallery, and the editing was completed there/then as well. This is the first in what will be a series of art projects examining POWER in its many forms. Note, there are no still images in this video, so watch carefully.

Making Eye Contact

This is the final version of Making Eye Contact, a video initiated and created by Mary Beth Edelson, with video production by Gregory Wendt. It is part of a decade's long exploration of eye-contact among strangers in public places that Mary Beth Edelson has been performing in numerous locations since the 1970's. This video takes place on the Carbondale campus of Southern Illinois University in early 2010.

The focus of this performance is to take steps toward reaching connectivity between people who might otherwise not make eye contact. And to present the potential for a powerful moment of vicarious recognition of the other through the agency of the collective unconscious**--read more by visiting this link.